Looking Up is a glimpse into my world, a world unlike most. Because I spend most of my time in an electric wheelchair due to Osteogenesis Imperfecta or Brittle Bone Disease, I spend a lot of my time looking up. Though the book began as my college senior project, it evolved shortly thereafter into my story, complete with anecdotes, humor, and powerful photography. I wrote and designed Looking Up to help people understand that a disability is only as limiting as you allow it to be. Though we may have to function a bit differently then most, people with disabilities still have many of the same ambitions as “normal” people. I, for example, still want a well-paying job that I enjoy doing, a nice home, and to travel to as many places as I can in my lifetime. I want my hair to look nice and my make-up to be presentable every time I go out. My best friend is probably my dog. Sound familiar? I’d like this book to inspire not only people with disabilities to reach for their goals, but also to show physically functional people that if I can be successful with my added physical challenges, so can they. In my opinion, laziness is not a disability. There is a major difference between not wanting to do something because it takes effort and not being physically able to do something. I hope that my story gives people of all kinds the ambition to make the best of their lives and make a difference in this world. Everyone has that capability if they only try.